“Lest you think the members of BOATS! Are just soulless cash hungry fools, it's not quite like that.” -The Sacramento Bee

“I think they’re the only band on MySpace these days, so, obviously, their super stardom is all but assured.” -RazorCake Magazine

“I love the sound of this band because it suggests seventies-era LA punk – raw, wild and unpretentious. It brings to mind The Zeros, Black Randy, and the Weirdos, but with a modern twist.”
- Alive & Kicking Magazine

   BOATS! Is an energetic punk rock band from Sacramento, California. They play mostly short, catchy songs, that keep people wanting more and more. Many people have compared them to bands like BUZZCOCKS and The Ramones, but they have their own, unique sound as well.
BOATS! Was formed in 2007 with three original members; Matt Leonardo - Guitar, David Hayden - bass and Jef Melendez - Drums. The band released its first full length LP called “BOATS!” that year, as well. Then in 2008 BOATS! First single “Summer Vacation” was released and the band began extensive touring in the United States and Canada. In 2010 BOATS! Released their second full length LP “Totally Jawsome” and it was really great. In 2011, BOATS! original
drummer, Jef Melendez, left the group. He was replaced with Patrick Shelly (Final Summation, Union Hearts) but, Patrick left the group after only 9 months to focus on other bands. He was replaced by current drummer Adam Jennings.
BOATS! released their 3rd full length album "Black & White" on March 17, 2013.

In 2014 the band worked with producer Greg Gordon from Pyramind studios in San Francisco to create 4 original songs for the highly successful "Sunset Overdrive" video game soundtrack. One of the songs was also featured in a commercial for Vans shoes.


"BOATS!" self titled LP 2007

"Summer Vacation" EP 2008

"BOATS! / The Enlows" split EP 2010

"Totally Jawsome" LP 2010

"One Of Us" EP 2011 (iTunes only)

"Black & White" LP 2013


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